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How I deal with technical support

I usually manage to avoid having to make any of those annoying calls to banks, credit card companies, utility companies, etc. because DW does it all for me. However, there are times (for example, when things are in my name) … Continue reading

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The best show on television…is surely classic arts showcase. It’s RAGE for classical music, by which I mean something like an eclectic classical music version of MTV (during the 80’s). Given the limited range of classical music that makes it … Continue reading

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Is this the worst MO question ever?

(Link here). To answer the question of the title, probably not. But it is a fantastic piece of nonsense, falling somewhere between Edward Lear and a reverse Sokal hoax.

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Jacobi by pure thought

JB asks whether there is a conceptual proof of Jacobi’s formula: Here (to me) the best proof is one that requires the least calculation, not necessarily the “easiest.” Here is my attempt. We use the following property of , which … Continue reading

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En Passant

Several times in NYC, I’ve had the chance to visit Eataly, an italian food court/upscale delicatessen run by Mario Batali. You can either sit down at one of the various restaurants for an antipasto plate with a glass of wine, … Continue reading

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Glenn Gould is best known (deservedly) for his Bach, but there are other treasures in his discography, including Schoenberg and (perhaps surprisingly) Brahms. Here’s Gould playing some mean Prokofiev:

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Remarks on Buzzard-Taylor

Let be continuous and unramified at . The Fontaine-Mazur conjecture predicts that has finite image and is automorphic. Buzzard and Taylor proved this result under the assumption the natural assumption that is odd, that is modular (now uneccessary), but also … Continue reading

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