Winning the Chocolate

Once a month, there is an (unrated) round robin blitz tournament at the Evanston chess club. The time controls are set on five minutes (a little slow for me, I usually play one minute games online), but it’s nice to play over the board for a change. The best players are rated around 2000, which means (for me at least) that every game is in play. There’s even a prize for the top two finishers (a chocolate bar), so the goal is to “win the chocolate.” So far, I’m 3 for 4 on the chocolate. Slightly amusingly, two of the players are dead ringers for Michael Schein and David Geraghty respectively (current record: 2:0 against MS and 1:1 against DG). As for my record against (actual) mathematicians, I’m 1:1 against Serre (I beat him playing the King’s gambit, then lost the second game playing the French), and I’ve won and lost many games of bughouse against Noam Elkies (to some extend this doesn’t count, since at bughouse it’s often more important how strong the weaker player is.)

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One Response to Winning the Chocolate

  1. Dear GR,
    That’s a brilliant story about playing Serre, which I hadn’t heard before.



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