En Passant

Several times in NYC, I’ve had the chance to visit Eataly, an italian food court/upscale delicatessen run by Mario Batali. You can either sit down at one of the various restaurants for an antipasto plate with a glass of wine, or grab a prosciutto fig sandwich (and a bottle of chinotto) to go. The good news is that Eataly is coming to Chicago.

There’s an updated version of BLGGT on the ArXiv. The numbering (at a quick glance) appears to be consistent with previous versions, although its now at least 20 pages longer. Perhaps (hint hint) one of my readers can update me with the contents?

The latest hot tip for a fields medal: Kai Wen Lan. Go Kai Wen! (In that first link, Kai Wen also exhibits the ability to morph into Shimura, a fields medal worthy feat itself.)

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5 Responses to En Passant

  1. TG says:

    BLGGT: some of the numbering has changed, but hopefully the main theorems are unchanged. I think everything that has been added is for the sake of exposition; e.g. the entire appendix, and Lemma 1.3.4. I think the only significant thing for most readers (apart from hopefully being clearer) is the dropping of RAECSDC etc.

  2. TG says:

    Right – but there is something to be said for “polarizable” (for example, you no longer have to remember which one of RACSDC etc you actually mean).

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