The best show on television…is surely classic arts showcase. It’s RAGE for classical music, by which I mean something like an eclectic classical music version of MTV (during the 80’s). Given the limited range of classical music that makes it onto the radio, it’s one of the few sources to discover “new” music. One clip that particularly electrified me was Christine Schäfer’s performance of Pierrot Lunaire: (apologies for the poor quality):

I thoroughly recommend the dvd which I own; it also contains a smashing performance of Schumann’s Dichterliebe. (Added personal bonus: the lyric Nach Bergamo, zur Heimat)

Sticking with the Schoenberg theme, here is Gould again playing the Gigue from Op.25. I think this counts as another successful use of video accompaniment; this time the clip is from the movie 32 short films about Glenn Gould (another personal favourite) (update: due to link rot, this is a different clip of the same recording).

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