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There are no unramified abelian extensions of Q (almost)

In my class on modularity, I decided to explain what Wiles’ argument (in the minimal case) would look like for . There are two ways one can go with this. On the one hand, one can try to prove (say) … Continue reading

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The union thugs at the AMS

After twice failing to achieve a 2/3 majority on previous votes, the AMS busted up the filibuster and railroaded through their new fellows program. The initial implementation was based on having achieved one of several things, the easiest of which … Continue reading

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András Schiff Plays Bach

The first Bach CD I ever bought was András Schiff’s recording of the Well Tempered Clavier. My memory is a little hazy, but I think I paid almost $100 (AUS) for the 4-CD set (I ordered it through Allans Music … Continue reading

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The Bourgeois Pig is dead to me

While on the way to meet up with BF, I stopped by and ordered an 8 ounce latte at the Pig. The result: a foamy scalding hot disaster which brought great shame upon hipster cafes everywhere. It was so bad, … Continue reading

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