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Classic Papers in Number Theory

One of my students came to me with the idea of having a reading course on “classic papers in number theory”. The idea is for everyone to spend the week reading a particular paper, and then have one student lead … Continue reading

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Olfactory Dreams

I was having dinner with NB at a restaurant, when I noticed that several patrons at nearby tables were smoking. I found this a little bit peculiar, in part because smoking is illegal in Chicago restaurants, but mostly because NB … Continue reading

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5 x 5

Perhaps my favourite non-classical album is Time Out by the Dave Brubeck quartet. The most well known piece from that album is “Take Five”, and not undeservedly so. Its distinctive time signature is instantly recognizable, and the saxaphone hook sounds … Continue reading

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A plea to my Australian readers

It used to be the case that one could listen to grandstand’s coverage of the cricket while following along on cricinfo. Now, the ABC blocks anyone with an IP address outside of Australia from listening in. Does anyone in Australia … Continue reading

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The Two Cultures of Mathematics: A Rebuttal

Gowers writes thoughtfully about combinatorics here, in an essay which references Snow’s famous lectures (or famous amongst mathematicians – I’ve never met anyone else who has ever heard of them). The trouble, however, starts (as it often does) with the … Continue reading

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Hilbert Modular Forms of Partial Weight One, Part II

Anyone who spends any time thinking about Hilbert modular forms of partial weight one — see part I — should, at some point, wonder whether there actually exist any examples, besides the “trivial” examples arising as inductions of Grossencharacters. Fred … Continue reading

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