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A scandal in Romania

I was invited to review some research proposals for the CNCS. They offered a modest remuneration for my time (something like €168, I believe). For privacy reasons I won’t comment on the proposals I read, suffice to say that they … Continue reading

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Small Cyclotomic Integers

Julia Robinson is a famous mathematician responsible for fundamental work in logic and in particular on Hilbert’s Tenth problem. Less well known nowadays is that her husband, Raphael Robinson, was a number theorist at Berkeley. One question R.Robinson asked concerned … Continue reading

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Random p-adic Matrices

Does anyone know if the problem of random matrices over (say) have been studied? Here I mean something quite specific. One could do the following, namely, since is compact with a natural measure, look at random elements in and then … Continue reading

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NT Seminar: A haruspicy

Following JSE’s advice, I will blog on something that I know absolutely nothing about. Apologies in advance for mathematical errors! SLM gave a number theory seminar this week about the first Betti number of — as varies — for certain … Continue reading

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Number theory and 3-manifolds

It used to be the case that the Langlands programme could be used to say something interesting about arithmetic 3-manifolds qua hyperbolic manifolds. Now, after the work of Agol, Wise, and others has blown the subject to smithereens, this gravy … Continue reading

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Where even the flat tax is a liberal dream

As Democrats and Republicans squabble over the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, it’s worth noting that at least in one corner of America, even the flat tax is considered too progressive. It used to be the case that if … Continue reading

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