A scandal in Romania

I was invited to review some research proposals for the CNCS. They offered a modest remuneration for my time (something like €168, I believe). For privacy reasons I won’t comment on the proposals I read, suffice to say that they did actually exist (and I was impressed with the quality). However, in order to process my payment, they requested a surprisingly large amount of information, including a copy of my passport and bank account numbers. The process is long over (almost two months), but I have still have not been paid, and several emails to various people have gone unanswered. Perhaps I should check my credit report…

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4 Responses to A scandal in Romania

  1. Grabber says:

    Eh, two months is nothing. A lot of European universities want a similar amount of data (including sometimes copies of bank statements to verify that the bank account number is as claimed) and then take several months to reimburse, I’ve found.

    • The length of time is not so much what concerns me, it’s more that email inquiries of the form “did you receive the information I sent” go unanswered. International wire transfers are something that require a little care to do properly. A slightly different flavour of incompetence (which didn’t worry me at all) arose when dealing with a certain English institution which shall go unnamed: they had a carefully prepared online form for foreign wire transfers which asked for most of the relevant information, but didn’t have a line to write in the actual account number. Upon being told of this fact, the response was “oh yes, we noticed that a year ago, we’ll get around to changing it at some point; please sent us the account number directly” which indicates more of a friendly and pleasant bumbling incompetence rather than anything more sinister. That’s a little different from “here’s a copy of my passport and my back account numbers” followed by radio silence.

  2. Georges Elencwajg says:

    Is your title adapted from Conan Doyle ?

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