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Exposition is not underrated

It seems to be the conventional wisdom (for example, some of the comments here) that exposition is undervalued in our profession. I disagree. To cast things in economic terms, let’s take “valued” to mean one of two things: increased salary … Continue reading

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Galois Representations for non-self dual forms, Part III

Here are some complements to the previous remarks, considered in Part I and Part II. First, in order to deal with non-zero weights, one has to replace the Shimura varieties , , by Kuga-Satake varieties over these spaces. This “only” … Continue reading

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Inverse Galois Problem

My favourite group as far as the inverse Galois problem goes is . This is not known to be a Galois group over for any , the difficulty of course being that is must correspond to an even Galois representation. … Continue reading

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Galois Representations for non self-dual forms, Part II

(Now with updates!) Let’s recap from part I. We have a Shimura variety , a minimal projective compactification , and a (family of) smooth toroidal compactifications . We also have Galois representations of the correct shape associated to eigenclasses in … Continue reading

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Cambridge Days

Dinner at the Helmand: Zagat rating 27 (Food) and 20 (Service). After I was seated, it was fifteen minutes until I was brought a menu. Sixty seconds later, the waitress asked what I wanted to order, and then pouted when … Continue reading

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