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Since I first saw it, I’ve always been very impressed by Maya Plisetskaya’s dying swan. But Charles Riley gives her a run for her money in his own original performance with Yo Yo Ma. Compare and constrast!

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Elsevier’s answer to public criticism:

The following was sent to editors for an Elsevier journal; a copy of the email mysteriously fell into my hands, and I reproduce it here (in part): Following discussions with the board and at Elsevier this year, we feel that … Continue reading

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This supposition, the so-called Twin Prime Conjecture, is not necessarily obvious . “He wasn’t a big name, and I get the impression that he wasn’t one of the leading analytical number theorists,” said Richard Taylor, a respected mathematician and a … Continue reading

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Bush, the Messiah (and Emma Kirkby)

The title of this post is, in part, a public service message to use the Oxford comma. However, there is a thread (in my mind) linking the three titular subjects. The connection between George Bush and the Messiah is not … Continue reading

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Finiteness of the global deformation ring over local deformation rings

(This post is the result of a conversation I had with Matt). Suppose that is a continuous mod- absolutely irreducible Galois representation. For now, let’s assume that is a CM field, and is essentially self-dual and odd. Associated to this … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan is not a scientist

Michael Pollan is popular because he is an engaging speaker who spins a narrative about food that dovetails with the political inclinations of his audience. He has a degree in English, and, as far as I know, no scientific training … Continue reading

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Equidistribution of Heegner Points

I saw a nice talk by Matt Young recently (joint work with Sheng-Chi Liu and Riad Masri) on the following problem. For a fundamental discriminant of an imaginary quadratic field , one has points in with complex multiplication by the … Continue reading

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