En Passant II

Let’s party like it’s 1995! The Boston conference on Fermat produced a wonderful book, but now you can watch the original videos. Some first impressions: some of you used to have more hair (not naming names).

Forum of Mathematics Pi is, supposedly, a gold open access journal which is freely available to anyone. However, the designers of the journal decided to modify the model slightly to what I might call “access only to those unencumbered by taste,” by plastering a ridiculous sickly aquamarine running head across every page (click on the link here), making the entire paper an eyesore that is presumably impossible to print. Perhaps the point of this journal was to make it apparent that Elsevier does actually provide added value to their journals by not scribbling crayon markings all over the final product? Fortunately, the paper in question can also be downloaded here. (Hat tip to TG.)

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2 Responses to En Passant II

  1. gowers says:

    The main thing to say about this is that the current design is going to be changed …

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