Short thoughts on my visit to Berkeley

The marine biologists at Monterey Bay Aquarium give their octopuses hand massages. So do the fishmongers at Eataly.

It’s quite an experience to come face to face with this antediluvian monster: Monster

Are you allowed to turn right on red in California? I hope so, because I did so at every opportunity.

Almost mathematics is an endless source of almost humor.

Matt complained that I was not live blogging the hot topics conference from MSRI. But given that they record all the lectures, it seemed somewhat unnecessary.

The winter olympics are still on; don’t forget the greatest ever moment in winter olympic history (video in Dutch, but then Dutch sounds pretty much like English):

Does one ever tire of watching the sunsets in Berkeley?

Wine tasting with Ken in Arlington. Why do I not yet have a wine subscription from Kermit Lynch?

Heavyweight matchup: userxxx versus answer_bot live!

The pork burrito from Gordo Taqueria was simply the best burrito I have had for a very long time.

The initial letters of “perfectoid space” and “Peter Scholze” are both PS. Coincidence? You decide.

What foods do you miss from your native land (those of you who are immigrants)? Answers included sour cherries and instant custard.

A tip to anyone planning to visit wineries in Napa valley: don’t casually turn up around 5:00 only to find that many tasting rooms close before then.

The Maître d’ at Chez Panisse Cafe asked me to give my best wishes to Hendrik Lenstra.

Popular consensus was that the only way the conference could have been better was if Peter Scholze had given every talk.

Cheeseboard Pizza versus Sliver: Cheeseboard wins with a tapenade pizza.

Going to Berkeley and having lunch at MSRI is like going to the grand canyon and never leaving the visitor’s center.

Babette is the place to have lunch and hipster coffee near campus; hat-tip to Tony Wirth.

Kiran is happy that his research is now a hot topic.

Is “perfectoid” a portmanteau of “perfect” and “affinoid” or does it mean “somewhat perfect”?

And men of mathematics now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That thought with us upon this Pres’dents’ day.

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