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Huuuuuge piles of cash

As widely reported today, the first of the “Breakthrough” prizes in mathematics have been announced. Leaving aside the question as to whether such awards are sensible (Persiflage is more sympathetic to capitalist principles than your average pinko marxist mathematician), I … Continue reading

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There are non-liftable weight one forms modulo p for any p

Let be any prime. In this post, we show that there is an integer prime to such that has a torsion class of order . Almost equivalently, there exists a Katz modular form of level and weight one over which … Continue reading

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Math and Genius

Jordan Ellenberg makes a compelling case, as usual, on the pernicious cultural notion of “genius.” Jordan’s article also brought to mind a thought provoking piece on genius by Moon Duchin here (full disclosure: the link on Duchin’s website has the … Continue reading

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