En Passant IV

My students Richard Moy and Joel Specter have uploaded their paper on partial weight one Hilbert modular forms, previously discussed here, to the ArXiv.

Germany now leads the world in both soccer and perfectoid spaces.

This is a recipe for a moist tasty almond cake. Also: quick way to make dessert with stale mint oreo cookies: add brandy and mash together, then add coconut, and, voilà, instant rum balls.

SiriusXM is truly, truly disappointing. They don’t seem to understand that when presenting classical music one should always indicate who the performer is. On top of that, SiriusXM just cancelled one third of its classical stations (that would be one out of three).

Here is Existential Comics, the best comic strip I’ve found since I learnt about Dinosaur Comics from BZ.

I still go the the Bourgeois Pig to chat with Matt, but I don’t buy anything; instead, I stop off at Intelligentsia first and get a Cortado (which they call a Gibraltar) instead.

What were the two topics which dominated the political conversation in Australia when I visited in 2011? Asylum policy and the Carbon Tax (Caahbin Tax). What are the topics today? The very same. Is it possible that Abbott could make Little Johnny H seem enlightened? Oh, talking about Australia, perhaps you would like to play the white Australia game.

This is where I like to sit when I talk to Toby about math. My math comes with the imprimatur of justice!

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