Random Photos

Lunt Hall, the Northwestern mathematics building,  recently underwent an upgrade of the fire alarm system. This includes introducing informative new signage, such as the following:


Another change is that the “internal” window to my office was boarded up. The window overlooked the internal stairwell and had previously been covered up with posters, but I always had the idea of removing them and using the window for office hours; students would look up at the window and ask questions, and I would offer them Delphic pronouncements in return. Alas, I will no longer be able to do this. Here’s a picture from the brief period between when the posters were removed and the window was boarded up; the photo is taken from the top of the stairs; the spot directly next to the window is a couple of feet lower:


Finally, I haven’t yet managed to get around to blogging about the Sarnak conference! So here at least is a picture, which is an action shot of me advocating (unsuccessfully, it turns out) for a certain paper to be accepted into Duke. (Pictured are Jonathan Wahl (Duke supremo), RLT, and me.)

Finally, here is an amusing box of free books I occasionally pass when I walk to work:


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