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The seven types of graduate student applicant

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Hide and Seek: Contacts you every day about the status of their application, then goes on radio silence the moment they receive an offer, never to be heard of again. The No Chancer: … Continue reading

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Only Harvard Grads need apply

It’s hard to take articles in Slate too seriously, but I have to admit I was quite perplexed about the following article (with the concomitant research publication here). The main thrust of the article seems to be as follows. A … Continue reading

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Review of Buzzard-Gee

This is a review of the paper “Slopes of Modular Forms” submitted for publication in a Simons symposium proceedings volume. tl;dr: This paper is a nice survey article on questions concerning the slopes of modular forms. Buzzard has given a … Continue reading

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