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Tensor Products

Let be an irreducible representation of a finite group Say that is tensor indecomposable if any isomorphism implies that either or is a character. In conversations with Matt and Toby (which permeate the rest of this post as well), the … Continue reading

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Due Process

When I was a senior (’93), my high school began a program of inviting “distinguished” visitors to give talks to a selected number of students, several of whom were also invited to lunch with the speaker. I was fortunate that … Continue reading

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Ventotene, Part II

I promised to return to a more mathematical summary of the conference in Ventotene, and indeed I shall do so in the next two posts. One of the themes of the conference was bounding the order of the torsion subgroup … Continue reading

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Best seat in the house

I recently attended an András Schiff recital at Chicago Symphony Center (not the first such Schiff performance I have been to). The conceit of this concert was the “last sonatas,” a performance of the last sonatas of Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, … Continue reading

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