Fresh off my dining experiences in Jerusalem, I returned home for some more local dining.

From smoked juniper bushes to edible stones, I arrived at Alinea fearing that I would be underwhelmed but left leaving very happy. Rather than try to describe my meal in any detail, let me instead just post a few teaser pictures. I came into the experience without any preconceived notions of what to expect, which I recommend. (I also wasn’t paying, which I also recommend.)


The trick is to guess how many of these are edible.


The decorations and the food are intertwined. This was a feature of many dishes of this —and I am guessing most — meals at Alinea.


This had some Foie Gras, I believe.

Dessert Stones

This chocolate mousse hiding in one of these stones was delicious.


I am not a number! I am a free man!


Many dishes omitted, of course. One notable course involved a pomegranate cocktail which had a slight bouquet of christmas pudding; possibly the best cocktail I have ever had. Indeed, that has inspired one of my upcoming culinary choices for next two weeks, which include: the Violet Hour, L’Etoile for the number theory seminar dinner at Madison (this one is more of a suggestion than a concrete plan, but JSE, can we make it happen?), and the Victoria Market.

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1 Response to Alinea

  1. If Wisconsin graduate students find L’Etoile slightly outside the price range given their current stipends, also happy to consider other options. Looks like avocado toast at Porter is a good lunch option for Tuesday.

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