This is the current state of my inbox:


That either makes me very efficient and up to date, or simply very unpopular (or both!)

I’m ready for the new year!

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5 Responses to Organization

  1. Very jealous, I still have 35 messages in my inbox. I think I’ll send you some email right now to make us closer to even…

  2. Andy P says:

    I’ve fallen way behind on clearing out my inbox over the holidays, and currently have 23 messages in my inbox. It will get back down to 0 before I break out the Champagne this evening.

    • I hope not too many of those require writing letters!

      • Andy P says:

        I got one (hopefully final) letter request in the last couple of weeks, but the due date was the middle of January, so I don’t plan on interrupting my celebrations to write to it. That email has already been filed away! The only email that will take some thought is the one approving some revisions a coauthor just sent me, but hopefully that one can be taken care of quickly.

  3. Shecky R says:

    How did you get Nigerian Princes to stop writing you!? 😉

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