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Who proved it first?

During Joel Specter’s thesis defense, he started out by remarking that the -expansion: is a weight one modular forms of level and moreover, for prime, is equal to the number of roots of modulo minus one. He attributed this result … Continue reading

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Return to Northwestern

Today I returned to Northwestern, taking part in both the communal faculty lunch and the post prandial espresso. Jared Wunsch worked his magic on the Silvia (Rancilio) to pour one of the best espressos I have had in a very … Continue reading

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Me versus Magnus

I’ve recently been distracting myself with the new Magnus Carlsen “app,” a free chess app for the iPhone whose distinguishing feature is that it tries to play “like” Magnus did at various ages. It does seem like a very tricky … Continue reading

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Pseudo-representations and the Eisenstein Ideal

Preston Wake is in town, and on Tuesday he gave a talk on his recent joint work with Carl Wang Erickson. Many years ago, Matt and I studied Mazur’s Eisenstein Ideal paper from the perspective of Galois deformation rings. Using … Continue reading

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Erdős Number 3!

My chances at this point of writing a paper with Erdős are probably very small. My chances of writing a paper with one of Erdős’ collaborators is also quite small. I had assumed that I had not even met — … Continue reading

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Film Criticism

You know that feeling you get when you want to understand the precise conjectural relationship between the cohomology of arithmetic varieties and Galois representations? I finally get it. Du musst Caligari werden! Oh, and if you think I’m crazy, it’s … Continue reading

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A non-liftable weight one form modulo p^2

I once idly asked RLT (around 2004ish) whether one could use Buzzard-Taylor arguments to prove that any representation: which was unramified at p and residually irreducible (and modular) was itself modular (in the Katz sense). Galois representations of this flavour … Continue reading

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