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Upcoming Attractions

There’s a packed schedule for graduate classes at Chicago next Fall: Ngô Bảo Châu on automorphic forms (TueTh 11:00-12:30), Akhil Mathew on perfectoid spaces (MWF 12:30-1:30), and George Boxer and me on (higher) Hida theory (MW 1:30-3:00). Strap yourself in! … Continue reading

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Nobody Cares About Your Paper

I handle quite a few papers (though far fewer than other editors I know) as an associate editor at Mathematische Zeitschrift. Since the acceptance rate at Math Zeit is something in the neighbourhood of 20%, there are certainly good papers … Continue reading

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Chicago Seminar Roundup

Here are two questions I had about the past two number theory seminars. I haven’t had the opportunity to think about either of them seriously, so they may be easy (or more likely stupid). Anthony Várilly-Alvarado: Honestly, I’ve never quite … Continue reading

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The boundaries of Sato-Tate, part I

A caveat: the following questions are so obvious that they have surely been asked elsewhere, and possibly given much more convincing answers. References welcome! The Sato-Tate conjecture implies that the normalized trace of Frobenius for a non-CM elliptic curve is … Continue reading

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Some short observations from my recent trip: Only in the same sense as Captain Renault could you possibly be shocked (shocked!) by what Bancroft drops into his pants. The 90th percentile quality coffee in Melbourne (random mall coffee) is at … Continue reading

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Fan Mail

Edit: A previous version of this post has been edited upon request. Somewhat less salaciously, I received a Christmas card from an academic couple of whom I am absolutely sure I have never met. (I just checked my mailbox at … Continue reading

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Fresh off my dining experiences in Jerusalem, I returned home for some more local dining. From smoked juniper bushes to edible stones, I arrived at Alinea fearing that I would be underwhelmed but left leaving very happy. Rather than try … Continue reading

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