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Fresh off my dining experiences in Jerusalem, I returned home for some more local dining. From smoked juniper bushes to edible stones, I arrived at Alinea fearing that I would be underwhelmed but left leaving very happy. Rather than try … Continue reading

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Today is Persiflage’s birthday, but let us not also forget to wish many happy returns to friends of the blog Ana and Vytas, who share the same birthday! Here is how I plan to celebrate: I will spare you with the … Continue reading

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Sawada Coffee

The Tip: I received a hot tip to visit Sawada Coffee, proclaimed (by a facebook friend of my source) as “the best coffee in Chicago.” Here is a review. First impressions: Somewhat of a skater-hipster vibe. It turned out that Sawada … Continue reading

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A flat white, please

Thanks to the New York Times, I can now order a flat white at my local cafe instead of an 8 ounce latte. Culture is coming to America, my friends!

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Gerookte paling op de Albert Cuypmarkt

My mother grew up in, as she would affectionately say, the rat infested slums of Amsterdam (complete with tales of giant rats crawling inside the toilet bowl and sleeping two to a bed). I finally had the chance to visit … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan is not a scientist

Michael Pollan is popular because he is an engaging speaker who spins a narrative about food that dovetails with the political inclinations of his audience. He has a degree in English, and, as far as I know, no scientific training … Continue reading

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The Bourgeois Pig is dead to me

While on the way to meet up with BF, I stopped by and ordered an 8 ounce latte at the Pig. The result: a foamy scalding hot disaster which brought great shame upon hipster cafes everywhere. It was so bad, … Continue reading

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