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Redraw the Balance

This video would be inspiring even if it didn’t star someone that I know: I suspect that Tamzin’s other youtube video will probably not end up with 20+ million views, being somewhat more…technical, I guess you could say. Of course, … Continue reading

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In defense of Theresa May

Nothing gives me more sympathy for Theresa May^* (or less respect for the Economist) than the following line from this article: Mrs May made do with a dowdier college and relaxed by watching “The Goodies”, a particularly dire comedy. Sacrilege! … Continue reading

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Complain about MSRI day

I will be heading off later this week to the Academic Sponsors’ Day at MSRI, going as Shmuel’s proxy for uchicago. I’m not sure to what extent (if any) there is for me to make policy suggestions, but any comments … Continue reading

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Champagne Marxists

One wonders whether it is only the US in which highly educated white liberal college students from the upper reaches of the socio-economic strata support the extremely regressive Bernie Sanders-style policy of spending a trillion dollars on free education for … Continue reading

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Due Process

When I was a senior (’93), my high school began a program of inviting “distinguished” visitors to give talks to a selected number of students, several of whom were also invited to lunch with the speaker. I was fortunate that … Continue reading

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Harassed by Springer

Those of you who have ever submitted a paper to any mathematical journal may have noticed that it’s not a particularly speedy process. Nowadays, even a one year turnaround is nothing out of the ordinary. Thus, I always find it … Continue reading

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Only Harvard Grads need apply

It’s hard to take articles in Slate too seriously, but I have to admit I was quite perplexed about the following article (with the concomitant research publication here). The main thrust of the article seems to be as follows. A … Continue reading

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