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Ventotene, part I

I recently returned from Ventotene, an Island some 40 miles west of Naples, where I attended a very pleasant conference on Manifolds and Groups. I have several mathematical thoughts on the conference, but for today I will content myself to … Continue reading

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Music in London

London is a wonderful city, an I can certainly imagine moving there if I suddenly happen to become a Russian oligarch. One thing that is absolutely fantastic is the classical music scene, which is surely the best in the world. … Continue reading

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A postview of Bellairs/Barbados

I am just recovering from my trip to Barbados for the McGill sponsored conference at the Bellairs institute (which I previously discussed here). I thought it was a wonderfully enjoyable conference, for many reasons. The first is that I got … Continue reading

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A Preview of Barbados/Bellairs

This post is probably not so interesting unless you plan to travel to the Caribbean in a few weeks. The website for the conference is offline, so I thought I might update attendees on what might be happening, at least … Continue reading

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The congruence subgroup property for thin groups.

I finally had a chance to visit Yale, which (by various orderings) is the fanciest US university at which I had never given a talk (nor even visited). The town itself struck me, at first, as a cross between Oxford … Continue reading

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Short thoughts on my visit to Berkeley

The marine biologists at Monterey Bay Aquarium give their octopuses hand massages. So do the fishmongers at Eataly. It’s quite an experience to come face to face with this antediluvian monster:  Are you allowed to turn right on red in … Continue reading

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Gerookte paling op de Albert Cuypmarkt

My mother grew up in, as she would affectionately say, the rat infested slums of Amsterdam (complete with tales of giant rats crawling inside the toilet bowl and sleeping two to a bed). I finally had the chance to visit … Continue reading

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