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Who is your preferred next prime minister? I guess it depends on what variety of politician you prefer.  

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This is the current state of my inbox: That either makes me very efficient and up to date, or simply very unpopular (or both!) I’m ready for the new year!

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The spoils of Rio

Congratulations to Akshay and Peter — don’t spend all those loonies at once! (Actually, I’m not sure that’s a grammatically correct usage of the word loonies unless they pay the winners in the form of 15000 coins; possibly the Hawk … Continue reading

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Erdős Number 3!

My chances at this point of writing a paper with Erdős are probably very small. My chances of writing a paper with one of Erdős’ collaborators is also quite small. I had assumed that I had not even met — … Continue reading

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What does it take to get a raise?

Gauss … [had] a salary that remained fixed from 1807 to 1824. (see here.) What was Gauss’ salary? My limited google skills were not able to find this information, although I’m not sure how meaningful it would be to translate … Continue reading

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Random Photos

Lunt Hall, the Northwestern mathematics building,  recently underwent an upgrade of the fire alarm system. This includes introducing informative new signage, such as the following: Another change is that the “internal” window to my office was boarded up. The window … Continue reading

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Harris 60

I’ve just returned from the excellent MSRI workshop which honored Michael Harris’ 60th birthday, and here is a brief summary of some of the gossip and mathematics I picked up when I was there. First, let me take note of … Continue reading

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