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Report From Berkeley

My recent trip to Berkeley did not result in a chance to test whether the Cheeseboard pizza maintained its ranking, but did give me the opportunity to attend the latest Bay Area Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry day, on a … Continue reading

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Music in London

London is a wonderful city, an I can certainly imagine moving there if I suddenly happen to become a Russian oligarch. One thing that is absolutely fantastic is the classical music scene, which is surely the best in the world. … Continue reading

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A flat white, please

Thanks to the New York Times, I can now order a flat white at my local cafe instead of an 8 ounce latte. Culture is coming to America, my friends!

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The Decline of Western Civilization

I am often inclined on Saturdays to spend a few hours at the Brothers K cafe. I bring my laptop and some scratch paper, sip away on a cortado, and listen to music on my headphones as I work; it … Continue reading

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The Bourgeois Pig is dead to me

While on the way to meet up with BF, I stopped by and ordered an 8 ounce latte at the Pig. The result: a foamy scalding hot disaster which brought great shame upon hipster cafes everywhere. It was so bad, … Continue reading

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