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Some short observations from my recent trip: Only in the same sense as Captain Renault could you possibly be shocked (shocked!) by what Bancroft drops into his pants. The 90th percentile quality coffee in Melbourne (random mall coffee) is at … Continue reading

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What is my Kasparov Number?

This has been a fun week in sport, what with England slaughtered at the Gabbatoir and Anand sliced up by Carlsen’s endgame magic. The latter games were fascinating if not necessarily exciting per se; consisting more of slow grinds rather … Continue reading

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The problem with baseball

Jordan Ellenberg, in a lovely slate article, explains perfectly what I don’t like about baseball. I think the fundamentals of baseball as a sport are sound. I like the pace of the game, the variation, the statistics, the quirkiness, the … Continue reading

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How I deal with technical support

I usually manage to avoid having to make any of those annoying calls to banks, credit card companies, utility companies, etc. because DW does it all for me. However, there are times (for example, when things are in my name) … Continue reading

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