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Hilbert Modular Forms of Partial Weight One, Part III

My student Richard Moy is graduating! Richard’s work has already appeared on this blog before, where we discussed his joint work with Joel Specter showing that there existed non-CM Hilbert modular forms of partial weight one. Today I want to … Continue reading

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Derived Langlands

Although it has been in the air for some time, it seems as though ideas from derived algebraic geometry have begun to inform developments in the Langlands program. (A necessary qualifier: I am talking about reciprocity in the classical arithmetic … Continue reading

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Harris 60

I’ve just returned from the excellent MSRI workshop which honored Michael Harris’ 60th birthday, and here is a brief summary of some of the gossip and mathematics I picked up when I was there. First, let me take note of … Continue reading

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Horizontal Vanishing Conjectures.

Let be a number field, and let be a reductive group over , and let be a congruence subgroup of . I can hear BC objecting that this doesn’t make sense without extra choices; if you have such an objection, … Continue reading

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There are non-liftable weight one forms modulo p for any p

Let be any prime. In this post, we show that there is an integer prime to such that has a torsion class of order . Almost equivalently, there exists a Katz modular form of level and weight one over which … Continue reading

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A postview of Bellairs/Barbados

I am just recovering from my trip to Barbados for the McGill sponsored conference at the Bellairs institute (which I previously discussed here). I thought it was a wonderfully enjoyable conference, for many reasons. The first is that I got … Continue reading

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A Preview of Barbados/Bellairs

This post is probably not so interesting unless you plan to travel to the Caribbean in a few weeks. The website for the conference is offline, so I thought I might update attendees on what might be happening, at least … Continue reading

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