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New Results In Modularity, Part I

I usually refrain from talking directly about my papers, and this reticence stems from wishing to avoid any appearance of tooting my own horn. On the other hand, nobody else seems to be talking about them either. Moreover, I have … Continue reading

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Scholze is giving a course at Berkeley! Follow Jared Weinstein’s lecture notes from the course here. I believe that the lectures are also being recorded and will be available approximately one week after each lecture; I will add a link … Continue reading

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Who is D.H.J. Polymath?

D.H.J. Polymath is the assumed collective pseudonym for the authors of a number of papers which have arisen as a result of the polymath project initated by Gowers. Presumably, since it is a matter of open record, one can go … Continue reading

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En Passant II

Let’s party like it’s 1995! The Boston conference on Fermat produced a wonderful book, but now you can watch the original videos. Some first impressions: some of you used to have more hair (not naming names). Forum of Mathematics Pi … Continue reading

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Elsevier’s answer to public criticism:

The following was sent to editors for an Elsevier journal; a copy of the email mysteriously fell into my hands, and I reproduce it here (in part): Following discussions with the board and at Elsevier this year, we feel that … Continue reading

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The Two Cultures of Mathematics: A Rebuttal

Gowers writes thoughtfully about combinatorics here, in an essay which references Snow’s famous lectures (or famous amongst mathematicians – I’ve never met anyone else who has ever heard of them). The trouble, however, starts (as it often does) with the … Continue reading

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