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Continuing on the theme of the last post (Buzzard related viral videos), you can now view Buzzard’s MSRI course (in progress at the time of this post) online here. Having previously excoriated MSRI for restricting how many people can attend … Continue reading

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Redraw the Balance

This video would be inspiring even if it didn’t star someone that I know: I suspect that Tamzin’s other youtube video will probably not end up with 20+ million views, being somewhat more…technical, I guess you could say. Of course, … Continue reading

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Complain about MSRI day

I will be heading off later this week to the Academic Sponsors’ Day at MSRI, going as Shmuel’s proxy for uchicago. I’m not sure to what extent (if any) there is for me to make policy suggestions, but any comments … Continue reading

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Central Extensions and Weight One Forms

As mentioned in the comments to the last post, Kevin Buzzard and Alan Lauder have made an extensive computation of weight one modular forms in characteristic zero (see also here). Thinking about what that data might contain, I wondered about … Continue reading

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The space of classical modular cuspforms of level one and weight 24 has dimension two — the smallest weight for which the dimension is not zero or one. What can we say about the Hecke algebra acting on this space … Continue reading

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Review of Buzzard-Gee

This is a review of the paper “Slopes of Modular Forms” submitted for publication in a Simons symposium proceedings volume. tl;dr: This paper is a nice survey article on questions concerning the slopes of modular forms. Buzzard has given a … Continue reading

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Is Serre’s conjecture still open?

The conjecture in this paper has indeed been proven. But that isn’t the entire story. Serre was fully aware of Katz modular forms of weight one. However, Serre was too timid was prudently conservative and made his conjecture only for … Continue reading

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