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A Coq and Bull Story

Author: Michael Harris. Title: Mathematics Without Apologies. Source: I eventually gave up waiting for a complimentary signed copy to be sent to me in the mail, and so borrowed a copy from the Northwestern University library. I’ve read up to … Continue reading

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Higher direct images of canonical extensions

I like Kai-Wen’s talks; he gives lots of examples, writes big with big chalk, and clearly explains the key points of the argument. I’m not sure I would classify his thesis as light reading material, but if he produced a … Continue reading

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Harris 60

I’ve just returned from the excellent MSRI workshop which honored Michael Harris’ 60th birthday, and here is a brief summary of some of the gossip and mathematics I picked up when I was there. First, let me take note of … Continue reading

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Local representations occurring in cohomology

Michael Harris was in town for a few days, and we chatted about the relationship between my conjectures on completed cohomology groups with Emerton and the recent work of Scholze. The brief summary is that Scholze’s results are not naively … Continue reading

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