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Dembélé on Abelian Surfaces with good reduction everywhere

New paper by Dembélé (friend of the blog) on abelian surfaces with good reduction everywhere (or rather, the lack of them for many real quadratic fields of small discriminant). I have nothing profound to say about the question of which … Continue reading

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Central Extensions and Weight One Forms

As mentioned in the comments to the last post, Kevin Buzzard and Alan Lauder have made an extensive computation of weight one modular forms in characteristic zero (see also here). Thinking about what that data might contain, I wondered about … Continue reading

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The distribution of Hecke eigenvalues, part II

Here are some numbers from KB promised in my last post. “For the first 61595 newforms of squarefree level coprime to 15 here’s the field extension of Z/3Z generated by the field extensions:” Total Number Number of Galois conjugacy classes … Continue reading

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Gross Fugue

Here are some variations on the theme of the last post, which is also related to a problem of Dick Gross. In this post, I want to discuss weight one modular forms where the level varies in the “vertical” aspect … Continue reading

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The mystery of the primes

No, this is not the sequel to Marcus du Sautoy’s book, but rather a curious observation regarding George Schaeffer’s tables of “ethereal” weight one Katz modular eigenforms (which you can find starting on p.64 here). Let be a positive integer, … Continue reading

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