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Tensor Products

Let be an irreducible representation of a finite group Say that is tensor indecomposable if any isomorphism implies that either or is a character. In conversations with Matt and Toby (which permeate the rest of this post as well), the … Continue reading

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Harassed by Springer

Those of you who have ever submitted a paper to any mathematical journal may have noticed that it’s not a particularly speedy process. Nowadays, even a one year turnaround is nothing out of the ordinary. Thus, I always find it … Continue reading

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Horizontal Vanishing Conjectures.

Let be a number field, and let be a reductive group over , and let be a congruence subgroup of . I can hear BC objecting that this doesn’t make sense without extra choices; if you have such an objection, … Continue reading

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En Passant IV

My students Richard Moy and Joel Specter have uploaded their paper on partial weight one Hilbert modular forms, previously discussed here, to the ArXiv. Germany now leads the world in both soccer and perfectoid spaces. This is a recipe for … Continue reading

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An Obvious Claim

It’s been a while since I saw Serre’s “how to write mathematics badly” lecture, but I’m pretty sure there would have been something about the dangers of using the word “obvious.” After all, if something really is obvious, then it … Continue reading

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